Design Study Trip to Istanbul

In April my programme went to Istanbul to look at architecture, design, and generally to feast on baklava and turkish delight. Unfortunately I'm allergic to nuts, so when everyone else was in the bakeries I was outside the window in the rain like the cat at the end of Breakfast at Tiffany's. But I made up for it by eating lots of simit (sesame seed bagels) and hummus. Probably too much hummus.  And oh man, they had this little tahini bread/cake thing that was twisted up like a pretzel, and let me tell you that was the most delicious little thing I ate on the whole trip. I will dream about for years.

New Cookbook + New Veg Life

Although I adore cooking with my iPad and love getting recipes for free from food blogs, sometimes you just want a nice big cookbook to hold and flip through. My New Roots is one of my favorite whole foods blogs, but to be honest I had just been getting her recipes on feedly and hadn’t thought much of it. But when I saw her cookbook at the bookstore and flipped through it I thought dang, this girl gets it. I haven’t even made any recipes yet and I am in love with it. She included soaking times for beans and legumes, how to sprout them, and most importantly, most recipes don’t have nuts or dates in them. Praise the Lord! You have no idea how hard it is to eat (partly) vegetarian and gluten-free when you are allergic to all the good stuff!

Blenheim Palace

I finally realised a life dream of mine: to go creep on a huge English country house! I went to Blenheim Palace, owned by the Duke of Marlborough and the family home of Sir Winston Churchill. They were not short on swans. 

Eastbourne & Beachy Head Hiking

Hello you gorgeous people! I've been away for a while but I have returned with a vengeance. A few months ago my friend and I decided we had thoroughly deserved a break from London city life and escaped to the sea! Click through for gorgeous panoramas and tons of backlighting.

Solo Winter Trip to Paris

Paris! WHY ARE YOU SO HUGE? I was in Paris last week for two days and I had forgotten that you really need an entourage to carry you on a litter unless you want destroyed feet, which I have. But even though everything is large and far apart, you can't fault Parisians for putting gold wherever gold would go. Click through for great big buildings and plenty of gold leaf!

Bath Christmas Market

So you guys are about to get hit with a double whammy of Christmas AND New Year's blog posts because for Christmas break I went home and laid in my bed and did less than nothing. And it was awesome.

First off, the very Christmas-y, incredibly British, and slighty Roman Bath Christmas Market! Click through for cathedral close-ups and stony Regency streets.

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