We Found the Loch Ness Monster

After a singularly tiring and crazy week of cross-college projects, my friend and I decided to escape to Scotland for the weekend to see the Aurora Borealis. Sadly we missed the northern lights but we did eat a ridiculous amount of haggis, had the best American-style breakfast of my life (in Scotland), and hiked up a ridge overlooking Loch Ness where we later saw NESSIE. That's right. We saw her.

Just look at that picture up there. Straight out of a landscape gallery.

First World War Centenary: Ypres Battlefield Tour

Today is Remebrance Day in Britain (Veterans Day in the U.S.), and this year marks the centenary of the First World War. When Americans think of "The Great War," we vaguely remember something about mustard gas, tanks, and No Man's Land. But you don't really understand what a total war is until you see the 100-foot diameter crater a land mine left in a small town in Belgium.

Obviously this post will be a pretty serious so if you're already in a bad mood, maybe go watch something happy instead.
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