My First Month in London

LONDON. What is there really to say? It's big and beautiful and full of languages and cute little parks and well-dressed people and Target dogs. London is so fancy I feel like I should have a monocle on at all times. I honestly feel weird walking from Westminster to Trafalgar Square not on horseback (the Horse Guards are pressuring me). I feel really overwhelmed because there are so many things going on I feel like I'm missing out on LIFE even though I haven't sat down for three weeks! Including when I stood for 3.5 hours to see a play with a REALLY FAMOUS PERSON that is maybe not as famous as you would expect but definitely one of those people on my little creeping list.


HMS Victory

I...have finally seen...the HMS Victory. If you don't know what that is, it's pretty much the most important thing that's every happened to me in my life. Studying history can be really boring if you spend all your time reading and not enough time seeking out cool things in museums and Historic Dockyards. The nice thing about the Victory is that you can actually touch a ship because the ship is the museum. IS THIS REAL LIFE?

Minimalist London Moving List

I did it!!! I moved to London and it is 1000 times more amazing than you can imagine. It is entirely possible that I cried like a huge nerd when I took a bus over the Thames and saw the Eye and Big Ben. Right now I'm getting settled, shaking off the jet lag and doing some exploring so I'll have plenty of London photos to share! But for now I wanted to show you guys what I ended up packing for the trip; you know I've been laying awake all night for six months wondering what would make it into my suitcase.
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