Only One Week Left!

Guess what happens less than one week from today

New bags for London and blog news!

Hello! Check out my new blog! It's so CLEAN. The one I had before was very tiny and hard to read even for me, so I decided to upgrade. You can also email me now at, and follow me on Bloglovin! Bloglovin is a site that lets you follow and discover blogs and read them in a feed (and it's photo-based so your eyes will rejoice)!

In other news, guess what I just bought?!

Big big IMPORTANT exciting awesome LONDON NEWS!

I JUST BOUGHT FOURTH ROW CENTER SEATS FOR HAMLET STARRING BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH!!!!! The show is like a year from now but YAAAY! I have never seen any of my favorite actors live before and I am gonna see Benedict. BENEDICT. I sadly missed out on seeing Tom Hiddleston in Coriolanus this year but you know he's going to do more theatre (especially Shakespeare) and I am SO down. But BENEDICT. When he's up on stage I'm going to throw a copy of Parade's End at him so he knows that I am DEEPLY DISPLEASED with how sad Christopher Tietjens is/was.

If you haven't seen Parade's End (or don't know who Benedict is...dear GOD go get a free Netflix trial like right now), you need to see it this very moment. It is without exaggeration the best British period piece I have ever seen (and I've seen a lot), and maybe the best movie/miniseries I ever saw. Everyone in it is fan-tas-tic and if you can watch it without wanting to throw a brick through the TV (stupid sad British people being AMAZING YET VERY SAD), you probably have a heart of stone. There are uniforms, Votes for Women, fabulous socialites, Hobble skirts, and accents so posh they're unintelligible. And Benedict cries like every ten minutes so you might want watch it with a pillow or stuffed animal that you can squeeze in anger.






Are you watching it yet?

In other London news, (Bum-ba-da-dum! That was a triumphant trumpet sound) I got my visa! That means I 
can jet off to London any time I want to! But I'M NOT READY! I mean of course I was born ready to start a spectacular life in London, but I still have so much to do before I go. There have already been some bag-packing tests, clothes shopping expeditions, and account-closing phone calls, but I still need to visit my extended family and buy some Hunter rainboots (yaaas!). Did I mention that I have lost enough weight that I will be able to wear boots again? TALL boots! Riding boots! Rain boots! Four-hundred dollar tall Burberry riding-style rain boots!

Sigh. Some day.

In the meantime, I can look forward to the Ypres Salient battlefield tour in September that my residence hall invited me to! Ypres Salient is in Belgium and they are having tours of three battle sites for the centenary of the First World War this year. If there is anything related to the early 20th century going on, I am all over it. Especially military history things. This has zero to do with Parade's End I swear.

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