Oops...I'm moving overseas

The other day I was just saying that I had plenty of time to get all my affairs in order before I move to London: all my paperwork says that I'll get information in late July about where to go and when to do what. Cut to me getting both my housing move-in information and CAS number (the thing that proves you're actually going to a school) emails on Monday and surprise! They want me to move in August 29th! Ahhh!

What what what?! So soon? I mean, I won't actually show up until about a week after that, but this is really happening. London is saying we're ready we're ready come now, come on! But I haven't even done my two-months-to-go packing experiments!! My loan information hasn't come in so I haven't even applied yet (argh), my visa has to come in before I book a flight (ARGH), and all my clothes are too big since I lost weight. My life is a meeesssssss!

Allllright. This situation calls for a list.

Things Eve Needs to Do to Get Her Butt to London:
  1. New wardrobe. My industry-confounding pear shape aside, all my clothes are too big now. Time for skinny jeans, white tees, and voluminous drape-y sweaters I recently decided I love (cause you can just sweep into rooms and say "why yes HELLOOO everyone" and kind of flap your sweater-wings)
  2. Bag Decisions. I have a really nice luggage set from L.L. Bean but the large suitcase is TOO large. It usually ends up weighing over 50 lbs when half full. But then that was when I took like 20 books with me to Seattle in it. Whoops.
  3. Save a Ton of Crap to Evernote. Because I cannot be trusted with loose documents; I'll leave them at Chipotle or on the hand dryer in the bathroom.
  4. Beat A Link Between Worlds. There is no way I will have time to play my DS once school starts (booooo) so I'd better take care of Hyrule/Lorule Castle before I get handed a reading list that will bury me. 
  5. Finish/Start Americanah. There's race issues and immigration issues and London issues and I'm all over it. Knowing how I am it will probably get thrown frantically in my carry on luggage for the plane ride over. 
  6. Fix my Fox Backpack. There's still a hole in the seam! Dangit.
  7. Quit My Job. Not too difficult since I'm classified as Some Person That Works Whenever, but I'll have to leave a list of how to do everything for the next poor sap.
  8. Hold Makeup Tryouts. Sorry Urban Decay palette, you didn't make the team this year. Nor did you, brush I never use.
  9. Call My One London Friend. And beg for advice on places to go and shop in London. If I can afford to shop. Erp.
  10. Visit Family. Luckily most of them live along I-10 so I can get them all in one swoop.
It's all good though. Soon I shall be gliding through every museum, archive, library, and fancy collection in London and eating all their biscuits. And creeping majorly on the health food store I found in Portobello Road. Some of the prices made me want to cry, but they had everything you could possibly need, perfectly squashed and organized in a tiny little store.

And I will buy it all and put it in jars on my shelves and plot deviously how I might eat it. DEVIOUSLY.

The Perfect School Bag At Last!

Every day I am inching closer and closer to an indescribably fabulous new life in London. STILL NOT SOON ENOUGH.

In the mean time I've been salivating over expensive, sleek-looking, super fancy London bags, and when I went to buy one during a big sale they were out of the color I wanted. I was intensely displeased. There followed several hours of bag tangrams, but nothing I had was big enough for all the stuff I'll need for school. In these situations I usually get upset and start over from scratch; I decided to do a 90's throwback and look at backpacks. I was rooting around in my closet and lo, I discover this beauty!

Fox backpack black

I. LOVE. This bag. My friend Nico gave it to me; she was also rooting around in her closet and didn't need it anymore. So it was free. And it has lots of pockets with multi-colored dots inside, so how could I possibly go wrong?

Fox backpack interior with Macbook

I can't believe I quit using it just because it had a rip in the seam (easily fixed). Not many bags can hold my computer, charger, and water bottle (without being unreasonably large). And this one has so many pockets! LOOK HOW ORGANIZED:

Fox backpack inside pockets

Sigh. Simple pleasures.

Anyway, because I am horribly vain, I've been worrying about how I'll look in London. Part of me is still not over my stupid fear of looking like a tourist, or really American, or a college student. But what's wrong with looking young and sporty and American? I already have an unmistakably American face/attitude (people tell me I smile too much, but am I gonna stop? NOPE!), so I might as well represent and look like a 20-something while I still can. There's plenty of time to look professional when I'm 30 and have a big girl job.

It's a really nice feeling to throw open your closet and find a once- and still-loved item that you thought you had to buy. I've been trying to only buy things that will last, because there's no reason to toss a perfectly good backpack for a really expensive travel bag. Not in my case, anyway. I'm only planning to move with three bags (a suitcase, a duffel bag and my Fox backpack) to avoid unnecessary fees and Heathrow stress, and the more money I save now the more I'll have to spend on drinks, theater tickets, Liberty of London handkerchiefs, and Curzon Soho memberships.

So now that I have abandoned my grand plans to spend a ton of money to look intimidating, I feel free to be myself. This means lots of skinny jeans, Onitsuka Tigers, and my new, also 90's Casio sports watch.

I am ready.
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