Why I love The Legend of Zelda (even when I hate it)

Legend of Zelda Nintendo 3DSXL

Hello there little friend.

I got this beautiful golden thing for my birthday and it is as amazing as it is shiny. It's INFINITELY bigger than my DS lite (which of course quit working the second I tried to sell it...sigh) and they changed a lot of games so you actually use the buttons instead of repeatedly stabbing the bottom screen with a golf-pencil-sized stylus. And lastly but not leastly, it's the Legend of Zelda edition (that comes with A Link Between Worlds) and has a big ol' Triforce on the front. Yay!

Every Zelda game is essentially the same set up with some kind of twist. Somebody snatches the princess, you have to go to the temples to get the things, at some point you hang glide using a chicken, and there's always a treasure chest up on a ledge that you will never reach. Playing these games has been the most infuriating experience of my life so far. Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks (both on my tiny tiny DS lite) were so aggravating I can't even speak about it.

I assume the game developers at Nintendo live in a Frankenstein-esque dark crumbling mansion on a cliff side and cackle loudly with lightning and thunder in the background while they put one less heart in the boss chamber than you need. That or they'll put some ridiculously impossible quest in the game and one tech looks at the other and says, "Aw man they'll never be able to do it" and then they laugh and high five each other. "You have to use a grappling hook to sling yourself around the boss but the boss is always standing in the way of the one place you can hang on to hahaha! Then we'll make this really sensitive Wii remote and make it impossible to hold it right for the one movement we named the game after! LAWL!!"

So why have I played eight of these things?! BECAUSE THEY'RE FANTASTIC.

You've got a horse/train/albatross/broomstick/boat, a sword, magic health snacks, and sometimes you can play a song and move a 1000 ton stone wall or raise an underwater palace. There are no rules.

An even though they can be so stressful you think you're going to come unglued, they wouldn't be fun if they weren't challenging! I do my best work when someone spits in my face and DARES me to do something. Tell me I can't do it and I'll hulk up and show you what's what.

So even though the puzzles can be a little unruly, and some of the weapons targeting is crazy, and everything is on a ledge you can't get to, Zelda games are my favorites (particularly Windwaker). You can fly, teleport, swordfight, blow things up, talk to animals, and time travel. I just wish you could spend more time with Zelda.

New Things I Love

Even if I weren't so absentminded about where I put things, I just love being organized. It's just a small, simple thing that makes me happy. I spend a lot of time lusting after weekender bags but they're usually just huge, gaping sacks that swallow up your lipsticks and car keys. That is unless you have--a bag organizer! *trumpets* *elephants* *trumpeters on elephants*

pink purse organizer

I have a tendency to leave really important things in other bags, behind my bed, under my computer table, etc. But no more! Ebay has a huge selection of organizers in every color for about $7 with shipping.  I really love this thing. It's super soft so you can put cheap sunglasses in the side pockets, the snaps on the side let you expand or collapse it for different bags, and the zippered compartments are great for my rat nest of charger cables and my iPad mini. I can even get a book, my wallet, and my 3DS in the middle pocket. My cavernous Coach bag is no longer a black pit of despair!

Coach bag purse organizer

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